NWSA Futurity

What is a Futurity?

A futurity is a prize program for young horses which awards purses made up of the nomination or entry fees paid over a period of time by participants.

The NWSA Futurity consists of four divisions, the weanling division, the yearling division, the two year old and the three year old division. The weanling, yearling and two year old divisions are further divided into Open and Amateur classifications. Professional trainers, amateurs, and juvenile exhibitors can show in the Open class. Only amateur or juvenile exhibitors (handlers and tailers) can show in the Amateur class. The two and three year old divisions are divided into three gaited, fine harness, and in-hand classifications which are open to professional trainers, amateurs, and juvenile exhibitors.

Nomination in the futurity begins with the weanling year and in order to maintain eligibility to show in the futurity, fees must be paid each year to keep the entry nominated for the particular divisions. For entries in the weanling division, fees must also be paid to nominate the sire and dam.

Futurities are held to encourage the breeding, registration, and showing of American Saddlebred horses. Showing a foal in a futurity enhances its value and increases its earning potential; the value of the sire and dam may also be enhanced through the success of their progeny shown in futurities. Amateurs and juveniles, as well as professionals, have the opportunity to show young horses in futurities. The experience should be entertaining, to both audience and participants, and should present the American Saddlebred at its best, providing opportunity for fun, competition, and good sportsmanship.

Sincerely, Mel Lueck NWSA Futurity Secretary

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