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Silver Circuit

The Silver Circuit Awards Program is to give recognition to our NWSA membership for their individual efforts and achievements at all levels, and to encourage participation in and support of our Northwest horse shows.

Eligibility for Silver Circuit Awards

1. The horse owners and riders/drivers/handlers must be current NWSA members in good standing.  If a horse has multiple owners, at least one owner must be a member.

2. Points will begin to accrue on the date that NWSA receives a completed membership application with payment.

3. An official lease of a horse shall be construed as bona fide ownership, and a copy of such a lease must be on file with the Silver Circuit Secretary stating the lease period.  Any Silver Circuit award won by a horse is made to the owner/lessor as shown on NWSA files at the time the horse earns his last point in competition.

4. Ownership of a horse may be transferred during the year without loss of Silver Circuit points, provided that the new owner is a member or becomes a member of NWSA within ten days of acquisition and notification is given to the Silver Circuit Secretary prior to horse show participation.


NWSA Silver Circuit Approved Horse Shows

Silver Circuit points may only be obtained at NWSA Silver Circuit approved shows.  Silver Circuit approval is available to any horse show that meets the Silver Circuit approval criteria outlined below, pays the approval fee, and is held in UPHA/ASHA Region 2.  This geographic region includes Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming as well as British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

The criteria for NWSA Silver Circuit approval are as follows:

1. All Silver Circuit shows must be two days or more in length.

2. All Silver Circuit shows must offer the following Junior Exhibitor classes.  

  • 12 & Under Walk & Trot Pleasure

  • 12& Under Walk & Trot Equitation

  • Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & Under

  • Saddle Seat Equitation Championship

  • Other Junior Exhibitor classes may be determined by the Show Management.

3. The NWSA Silver Circuit show approval fee is $65.00 and will allow each Show Secretary to have access to the NWSA online newsletter for Advertisement purposes.  A current NWSA membership list will be provided to the show management upon request.

4. All shows must offer a minimum of six divisions with corresponding championships or stakes.  Multiple qualifier divisions may have individual championships (i.e., 5-gaited amateur championships, 5-gaited open championship) or depending on entries the requirement could be meet by having a combined championship/stake.  

5. All requests for NWSA Silver Circuit approval must be made 60 days prior to the start of the show and must include the approval fee.

6. All show results must be completed and returned to the NWSA Silver Circuit Chairman 10 days after the horse show. Silver Circuit points will be awarded to each ribbon winner through 6th place provided they are an NWSA member in good standing AT THE TIME THEY COMPETE for that ribbon.

7. Show results must include:

  • Name of horse, name of rider, name of owner and placing received.
  • An owner /exhibitor list with names and addresses must also be included. An actual class sheet with results that indicate all horses entered and shown must be submitted to the Silver Circuit Chairman. Points may be published throughout the year.

NWSA Silver Circuit Show Approval Form.pdf

NWSA Cooler Program

At each Silver Circuit approved horse show, one class will be designated as an NWSA Cooler Class, in which the highest placing NWSA member will receive a cooler sponsored by the NWSA.  

  • As with year-end awards, the owner of the horse (for performance classes) or the rider (for equitation classes) must be a current member of NWSA in good standing in order to be eligible for these awards. If no NWSA members are entered in the designated class, the cooler may be presented in a different class where NWSA members are competing, at the discretion of the show management and/or NWSA board.

Silver Circuit Year End High Point Awards

1. NWSA members may accumulate points at all Silver Circuit approved shows, and these points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine year-end award recipients.  

2. All scores of members exhibiting in NWSA approved shows will be kept on file, and respective standings may be made available through publishing of Silver Circuit standings on the NWSA website or by contacting the Silver Circuit Secretary.  

3. Show results from official show report sheets will determine all standings for Silver Circuit awards.

4. Restricted classes will count for points and will be assigned to the most appropriate category. Examples include: Five Gaited Novice horse will count in the Open Five Gaited category; Three Gaited State Restricted will count in the Open Three Gaited Show Pleasure Novice Rider will count in the Adult category, and so on.

5. Classes that eliminate a horse/rider from competing further after winning a blue ribbon, or classes that require additional membership affiliations, will not count, such as Saddle and Bridle's Shatner Western Pleasure, UPHA Challenge Cup, USEF Medal classes, and others.

6. NWSA will not be liable for failure of a show to provide properly annotated results to the Silver Circuit Secretary. If there is a discrepancy of any kind, the responsibility of submitting burden of proof rests entirely with the owner and/or exhibitor.

In order to be eligible for a champion or reserve champion award in any division, a horse (or equitation rider) must have competed IN THAT DIVISION at THREE separate Silver Circuit approved horse shows during the season.

Year-end High Point Awards will be offered in the following divisions:

  • Five Gaited

    • Open – Amateur – Junior Exhibitor – Junior Horse

  • Three Gaited

    • Open – Amateur – Junior Exhibitor – Junior Horse

  • Fine Harness

    • Open – Amateur – Junior Horse

  • Park

    • Open

  • Park Pleasure

    • Open – Junior Horse

  • Show Pleasure

    • Five Gaited – Three Gaited Adult – Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor – Driving

  • Country Pleasure

    • Five Gaited – Three Gaited Adult - Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor – Driving – Hunter - Western

  • Saddle Seat Equitation

    • Saddle Seat Equitation 17 Years Old and Under

    • Pleasure Equitation 17 Years and Under

    • Saddle Seat Equitation Adult

    • Saddle Seat Equitation Walk/Trot 12 Years Old and Under

      • (note the age limit has been raised for 2017)

  • Hackney

    • Hackney Pony Open – Hackney Harness Pony Open – Hackney Pleasure Driving

  • Roadster Horse to Bike

    • Open

  • Roadster Pony

    • Roadster Pony Open – Roadster Pony Under Saddle

  • Miscellaneous

    • 12 & Under Walk & Trot Pleasure

    • Leadline

  • Academy (must be a NWSA member)

    • Adult WTC – Adult Walk & Trot – 17 & Under WTC – 17 & Under Walk & Trot


Special Classes

1. JUNIOR EXHIBITOR is defined as a rider who has not reached their 18th birthday as of December 1st of the previous year.  Junior exhibitors must be members of NWSA, either individually or as part of a family or stable, in order to earn Silver Circuit points.

2. JUNIOR HORSE is defined as a horse that is 4 years or younger as of January 1st of a given year.

3. Special classes such as UPHA Challenge Cup, USEF Medal, Saddle & Bridle’s Shatner classes, UPHA Classics and Futurity classes will not earn points toward year-end awards.

4. Show Pleasure and Country Pleasure classes that have an OPEN designation will not be eligible for Silver Circuit points.

5. Points in restricted classes (novice, maiden, limit) shall only be awarded to junior or younger horses.

6. Where 2 and 3 year old classes are not offered, points awarded in restricted and junior classes will be credited to the horses' appropriate age division.

7. In DENVER JUNIOR classes – horses 4 years old or younger will earn points in the junior division, while 5 year old horses in these classes will not earn points in any division.


  • JACKPOT CLASSES will be awarded points the same as any qualifying classes.

Point Scoring

Qualifying Class Stake/Championship

1st Place 6 12

2nd Place 5 10

3rd Place 4  8

4th Place 3  6

5th Place 2  4

6th Place 1  2

In order to be eligible for points in a Championship class, the horse must have shown in an appropriate qualifying class except for Jackpot classes.

Versatility High Point Award

The Versatility Award will be awarded to the horse that has earned the most points in three distinct divisions during the course of the show season.  If no horse meets these qualifications in a particular season, the Versatility Award will not be given.

“Versatility divisions” will be defined as follows:

  • Saddle Seat

  • Hunt Seat

  • Western

  • Driving

Equitation and Academy classes, which are judged on the abilities of the rider, will not count toward the Versatility award.

At least two of the three divisional requirements must be met by exhibiting in classes for which Silver Circuit year-end awards are given.

NWSA High Point Award

  • You must nominate the horse, rider and division.
  • Overall points for the horse and rider in the nominated division.


1.   Horse showing is a team sport where the team members are a horse and rider.  The purpose of the High Point award is to recognize the team(s) within a rider's age group (under or over eighteen) that has accumulated the most points over the show season.

2. A horse and rider team shall be nominated to a single division for the purposes of calculating overall high point.

3.   Points will be awarded on the same basis as Silver Circuit points.

4.   The High Point award will go to the team(s) with the most points in the nominated division at the end of the Silver Circuit season.  Separate awards will be made to riders over and under eighteen.

5.   A team may only receive the High Point award one time.

NWSA 2018 Silver Circuit Awards - Champion and Reserve Champion FINAL v2.pdf



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