The CyberSpace Classic

An Online Horse Show Pattern Competition

The Cyberspace Classic is offered in association with the

NWSA to promote Saddleseat competitions online!

Video competitions give participants an opportunity to be judged showing with other similarly skilled riders - without the expense of physically attending a geographically distant horse show.

How it Works: 

Request to become a member of the Cyberspace Classic group on Facebook

Register for your class HERE on the NWSA website for a monthly class.  Every 2 months you will need to re-register for your class to receive the pattern and access to the Facebook site.  You will receive this information in your registration email.

Register for your class

  • Be sure to choose the Class that best suits you
  • Study the pattern provided on the Registration email or also on the Facebook page for the competition that month
  • Have your friend or trainer film you performing the pattern
  • Upload your video to the Cyberspace Classic Facebook page
  • nationally recognized judge will review the videos and rank the class
  • Cost per competition:   $18.00   NWSA members: $15.00




Dana Johnson

15125 227th Ave NE 

Woodinville, WA 98077

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